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Welcome to! Using modern research methods David has developed a new
evidence-based discipline that is given several names, such as Cosmic Cybernetics and Cosmobiology.

Fixed Stars: Ways they may work and how to discover how they work

Fixed Stars: Ways they may work and how to discover how they work

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Live Weekend Seminar
May 18 - 19, 2024
Charlotte, NC
Current Developments in Cosmic Cybernetics
David Cochrane
Cosmic Cybernetics is also sometimes called Cosmobiology, Vibrational Cosmobiology or Vibrational Astrology. Unlike other forms of astrology, Cosmic Cybernetics is a modern evidence-based system that is consistent with high academic standards.

Select one of the following 3 options:

The Venue: How to Get There and How to Register:

This weekend event is at the Doubletree by Hilton South Charlotte in the Tyvola neighborhood. Most of you will be flying into the Charlotte Airport (Charlotte Douglas International Airport). The hotel provides a free shuttle from the airport and back to the airport. The shuttle runs about every half and you can call the hotel after you get your baggage to make sure that a shuttle will be there to pick you up soon. The shuttle will run more often if needed. 

To register for the conference, click one of the 3 "Register buttons" on this website page. You can pay either $250 or $75 according to what you can afford and what you feel is a reasonable fee for the conference. The third option is to pay $300 to attend the Saturday evening banquet as well. If the $75 fee is difficult, email David to ask for more assistance. David's philosophy is that in giving there is receiving, so each person can do what works best and feels right. There are no "early bird" discount prices. If you cancel your registration, you will receive 90% back of what you paid; you will be charged 10% of what you paid to cover credit card and processing fees. 

Room reservations:

There is a special discount rate of $129 per night (with taxes the total is about $150) for either a single king bed or two queen beds. The room with a single king bed has a bit more open space in the room. If you would like to room with someone and share expenses, you can email David to let him know what dates you will be staying. People looking for roommates will be emailed so that they can arrange to share a room. The discounted rate is available from the Monday prior to the conference to the Monday the day after the conference. To reserve a room call 704-602-4062 and state that you are attending the Cosmic Cybernetics conference to receive the discounted price for the hotel room. This phone number is a direct line to the person at the hotel is handling room reservations for the conference.


Optional: Friday, May 17, evening dinner. For anyone who has arrived by Friday evening we will meet at a nearby restaurant for Friday evening dinner. This is a great opportunity to meet others. One of the great benefits of attending conferences is making friends and networking with people who share similar interests. 

Saturday, May 18

9 AM to 12:30 PM (with breaks): David presents Current Developments in Cosmic Cybernetics, Part 1.

12:30 PM to 2 PM: Lunch break

2 PM to 5 PM: David presents Current Developments in Cosmic Cybernetics, Part 2.

Starting 6:30 PM: Banquet for those who purchase the optional banquet. If you are not attending the banquet and do not have a group to join for Saturday evening banquet, you can meet in the lobby area to meet up with other attendees to join one of the groups going out for dinner.

Sunday, May 19

9 AM to 12:30 PM (with breaks): David presents Current Developments in Cosmic Cybernetics, Part 3.

12:30 PM to 2 PM: Lunch break

2 PM to 5 PM: David presents Current Developments in Cosmic Cybernetics, Part 4.

Optional Sunday evening: If you plan to stay Sunday evening we will meet up for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and no doubt some of us will be up late.


What you will Learn at this Weekend Seminar:

  • Up-to-date meaning of all Vibrations that we currently have researched, and our level of confidence in these meanings. Clear, simple and direct information that you can immediately use.

  • Practical insights into how to give forecasts and predictions for clients with procedures developed within the past year as we work with clients who need specific timing for major business decisions.

  • Latest findings about asteroids from controlled reserch studies.

  • What results from recent research are telling us about specific ways to improve chart interpretations.

  • New insights into Horary Astrology using vibrational configurations that change at different speeds depending on the vibration.

  • A new finding: The Importance of Mixed Midpoint structures in prediction.

  • The success of forecasts for the Ukraine War, various elections, and recent opportunities to consult political leaders using evidence-based actionable information. How to make these forecasts.

  • New insights from sharing with other attendees when there are not lectures. If you arrive Friday during the day start making new friends and make new friends when we gather for dinner Friday evening. Also meet up with people on Sunday evening if you stay through Sunday evening. There will be an open mic at times Saturday evening for people to share something. You can share something about your interests in Vibrational Cosmobiology, anything important to you, a poem, a quote, a joke, a song or anything else. This event is more than attending the presentations; it is a gathering for people to network and build bonds with others with similar interests.

  • Research and investigations are ongoing and there will be information about other discoveries and insights that develop between the time that we are posting this announcement and this weekend seminar.

Resources for Learning Cosmic Cybernetics:

This weekend event is appropriate for people with all levels of background in astrology and related fields from beginner to professional. Because Cosmic Cybernetics is so different from astrological systems, beginners can follow the presentations as long as you understand a few very basic concepts. Here is a link to a 29-minute video "What is Vibrational Astrology?":
If you want to dive a little deeper, here is a 4-hour introduction and demonstration of interpreting charts is in the video "Quick Readings Using Vibrational Astrology": 
There are over 600 tutorial videos at
An index into more than 500 of the videos at
There are other resources, but these will help get you started if you are not familiar with Cosmic Cybernetics and would like to learn more before attending the conference.

About David Cochrane

David  Cochrane is the leading force behind Cosmic Cybernetics and you will have the weekend to learn the latest developments and discoveries directly from David. You can click the "About David" button below to learn about his accomplishments. Some of the most recent developments are the founding the Cosmobiology Institute (, an academic research institute and the publication of the book "The Astrology of Bipolar Disorder: A Scientific Breakthrough" in early 2022, which is getting positive reviews from data scientists and interest from high tech companies who are beginning to incorporate Cosmic Cynbernetics into their analytics and decision making procedures. If you have questons, you can email David at It may take a week for him to respond.

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