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Direct from the publisher Cosmic Patterns Software.
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Amazon. $39.95 + free shipping option in USA and possibly some other locations

TextBookX. $27.61 + shipping. Shipping only to some countries.

Book Depository. $30.26 to almost any country and no shipping charge!
This is an extraordinarily good deal and Book Depository has a good reputation.
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Barnes and Noble. Order direct or have them ship it to a local store. $39.95

Amazon Canada. $50.58 in Canadian dollars is approximately equivalent
to US price of $39.95.

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This book, The Astrology of Bipolar Disorder: A Scientific Breakthrough, elevates astrology from a belief system to an evidence-based scholarly discipline. The author, David Cochrane, has a Masters degree in Research and Evaluation Methodology. He has worked tirelessly for over 45 years on astrological research. This research required the development of sophisticated software, databases, out-of-the-box creative thinking and very rigorous analysis of data.