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The most important reason to subscribe to these videos is to learn about exciting new insights and breakthroughs in astrology. These new insights are becoming the foundation for the astrology of the future, while many other ideas in astrology fade into obscurity. This bold claim is based on a simple fact: a team of researchers has confirmed that the new ideas are consistent with what we find in large databases of birth charts and with our modern scientific and psychological understanding of the world.

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Most astrology is still adhering to an old paradigm where the only way to validate an idea is through one's own personal experience. Why most astrologers do not build robust models using the large databases and software tools that are ow available to us in the 21st century is a mystery to me. Nevertheless, there are exciting breakthroughs in astrology using modern Information Age tools, and the application of these ideas in astrological consultations improves our ability to understand and help our clients.

Also very exciting is that these data driven discoveries point us in the direction of an astrology that awakens the same sense of awe, wonder, magic, and mystery that quantum physics and quantum biology inspire in us. This new astrology integrates scientific, technical, metaphysical, spiritual and inspirational elements in the same way as the work of scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, and Nassim Haramein. The breakthroughs that we are making in astrology are part of a larger movement of breakthroughs in science, metaphysics and mysticism that open the door to an understanding of the universe we live in which is simultaneously inspiring, accurate, and practical.

All of this progress in astrology would not be possible without the close collaboration of my colleagues like Linda Berry, Clarissa Dolphin, Diane Ammons, Gisele Terry, Starlene Breiter and a growing number of other astrologer researchers who put in countless hours searching, analyzing, and refining our understanding of astrology.

As you probably know, I have made many tutorial videos . . . about 370 youtube videos as of the summer of 2020. You can go to and search for my youtube channel page "David Cochrane's Astrology" or click on the youtube link in the upper right corner of this website page (on a mobile device, first click the menu icon in the upper right corner). At my youtube channel you will find the videos are arranged nicely into playlists within 10 categories covering topics like basic western astrology, introduction to Vedic astrology, medieval and Hellenistic astrology methods, astrology software, sacred geometry and astrology, astrological research, and very specific topics such as a series of videos on how to interpret harmonic charts, a series of videos on extreme case sampling research studies on rock musicians, athletes, and dozens of other topics in astrology.

I would love to provide all videos for free but by charging a modest fee for the most recent videos, I will have support to be able to continue to conduct research and make at least one video every week. Otherwise I would have to drastically cut down the number of videos that I make. I will continue to post videos on youtube, especially videos that are of interest to the general public. The videos with the most exciting new insights and discoveries will be provided here to subscribers only, and I will add at least one new video here each week.

If you are a subscriber, I THANK YOU very much!!! Your support makes it possible for me to keep making these videos for you and for thousands of other people. By having a large number of subscribers we can keep the fee down to $5 per month. Again, thank you!!!

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