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Transits Prediction with Sirius Software
Transits, Interpret with VA, Part 2
Transits, Interpret with VA, Part 1

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     * One new tutorial video is uploaded to the Videos for Subscribers Only area every week. Each video is about a half hour long. Since AstrologyDC.com started this goal has been exceeded and about 2 videos per week have been uploaded. These are unique astrology tutorials that introduce exciting new discoveries and insights.

     * Videos at the youtube channel are also being brought over to AstrologyDC.com and organized in a way that makes them much easieer to find.


     * There is an online meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month. These meetings were originally intended to be an hour to an hour and a half in length, but the topics, comments, and questions have been so interesting and there have been so many of them, that some meetings extend to over 2 hours . . . and typically without any breaks. These meetings are your chance to ask any questions on anything in the videos or related topics in astrology. The discussions are lively and informative. A community of people is developing and there is also an annual live Vibrational Astrology Conference every March in Gainesville, Florida where you can meet others in this astrological community as well as, of course, many other astrology professionals and students of astrology. (click on the Conferences link near the upper right corner at www.AstroSoftware.com for more information).


     * David has pioneered breakthroughs in evidence-based astrology, the hidden direct relationship of ancient astrological techniques with cutting edge ideas in science and also spirituality. If you are not familiar with David's work, check out his youtube channel "David Cochrane's Astrology". If you find the information exciting, then you can subscribe to AstrologyDC.com to learn more.  It may sound like a pompous exaggeration, but an increasing number of people are expressing their opinion that Vibrational Astrology is the astrology of the future. Before you think this is sheer vanity, take some time to enter this new world. It is exhilarating to see astrology become seamlessly integrated with modern science, ancient wisdom, and spirituality. Also, there is a growing number of other people making important contributions to this new field of astrology and you meet them at the monthly AstrologyDC meetings as well.


     * AstrologyDC.com is constantly improving. For example, in early 2021 we started one area of the Videos for Subscribers Only that is An Introduction to Vibrational Astrology. This is a big addition because now you can learn Vibrational Astrology from the ground up an ask questions at the monthly meeting as well as dive into the videos on a vast range of specific topics.


Some people ask why the price of a subscription to AstrologyDC.com is so low. The answer is that David wants to make this information available to as many people as possible. Hopefully the low price will draw more subscribers and that will help cover the costs of creating these tutorial videos.
The most important reason to subscribe to these videos is to learn about exciting new insights and breakthroughs in astrology. These new insights are becoming the foundation for the astrology of the future, while many other ideas in astrology fade into obscurity. This bold claim is based on a simple fact: a team of researchers has confirmed that the new ideas are consistent with what we find in large databases of birth charts and with our modern scientific and psychological understanding of the world.

     * You also receive a newsletter about once every one to two weeks with information about the latest tutorial videos and other news.

     * Vibrational astrology intersects and overlaps with all other systems of astrology so you are not subscribing to a program that is insular and competitive. Vibrational Astrology and related areas synthesize insights from different areas of astrology, psychology, philosophy, science, data science, mysticism and spirituality into an exciting vision that augments and evolves from the building blocks from all of these disciplines rather than compete with them.


     * The AstrologyDC community is diverse, talented, and supportive. It does not matter what level of expertise you have achieve in astrology from beginner to an internationally recognized leader in astrology, or what level of expertise you have in other areas. AstrologyDC is for everyone who is curious and willing to stretch into something new and exciting and challenge themselves with sophisticated ideas that are presented to you in as simple, clear, and direct a way as possible.

If you are a subscriber, I THANK YOU very much!!! Your support makes it possible for me to keep making these videos for you and for thousands of other people. By having a large number of subscribers we can keep the fee down to $5 per month. / $55 per year. Again, thank you!!!