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David's Other Services

These buttons provide links to websites that David contributes to.

There are hundreds of tutorial videos at David's Youtube page.

The Vibrational Astrology Conference is a live in-person conference in Gainesville, Florida on the first weekend of March every year.

Cosmic Patterns Software develops the Kepler and Sirius astrology software. David is one of the developers of the Sirius astrology software, and it is the recommended software for astrologers and researchers in Vibrational Astrology.

The Avalon School of Astrology has a list of astrologers who have graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology with a specialization in Vibrational Astrology and some of these graduates, and some of these graduates teach classes and/or are available for astrological consultations.

The Association of Vibrational Astrologers is an organization of Vibrational Astrology and they also provide Study Guides and are also developing a Professional Certification in Vibrational Astrology.

Four Books:

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